Airbrush make-up: this year's hottest bridal choice.

When originally entering into the bridal hair and make-up industry I spent a huge amount of time researching into the upcoming trends and techniques to offer brides. It was clear to me that one thing stood out amongst the rest as the future of bridal make-up, 'AIRBRUSH MAKE-UP'.

Personally, I only use airbrush for the base make-up and continue with traditional methods once the base is applied but this gives the bride's make-up true staying power for the full day.

Here is a cheesy video where you can see airbrush at work:

What is airbrush make-up?

Airbrush makeup is applied as an extremely fine mist through the airbrush gun. Millions of tiny little dots are created on the skin and when connected and layered together, create somewhat of a sheer net over the entire face. This makes airbrush makeup to be a thin, light layer on the skin that can barely be felt by the wearer and looks totally flawless even with those stress spots appearing in the run up to the big day.

The origin of airbrush make-up

Airbrush makeup has become much more popular since HD video and TV has become the norm. Traditional powder or liquid based make-up can settle and appear in pores and wrinkles and be visible in photos and on HD film. As the makeup is sprayed on, there are no brush marks or cracks in the make-up.

So if you know any brides to be, do let them know about airbrush as an option for flawless skin on their big day...