Microblading - 'the brow revolution is coming'

Microblading Brighton

It is no secret that 'beautiful brows' have become the MUST have modern day beauty achievement. The brow frames your face and is one of the most important features we have. HD Brows truly set the trend off and took the industry by storm.

Having been rescuing and maintaining brows for the past 6 years, I have as a brow artist been faced daily with the common problem that many of my clients have. We may have achieved the perfectly shaped brows but they're just not thick enough, or perhaps they have 'missing hairs' or 'bald patches'. Whether these be caused by 'overplucking' from previous fashion eras (yes, we all remember the thin brow fashion), conditions such as 'Alopecia' or 'age related hair thinness'. These problems can mean that my clients may have to continue to make up their brows daily to fill in these gaps.

Microblading is a reasonably priced and revolutionary method that implants pigment under the skin's epidermis using a specially designed hand held tiny blade. This leaves thin realistic hair strokes for the most natural finish. In my opinion, Microblading is literally going to change my clients' lives. No more sparse brows, no more bald patches.

Is Microblading for you?

This treatment is superb for those wishing to change the appearance of their eyebrows, or replace missing brows.

• Change your brow shape & Improve definition • Add colour or colour correction from previous tattoo or artist • Add density to sparse brows • Lengthen and/or thicken over plucked brows • Replace individual brows lost due to chemotherapy/alopecia/other medical conditions • No more worrying about trying to make up your brows with your glasses in the way

Why Microblading and not the traditional eyebrow tattoo?

Images of Microblading finish

- Pigment is applied freehand without the need of a block stencil to 'fill in' with a machine

- The blade used is 3 x thinner than traditional tattoo needles creating a crisp, subtle and natural finish

- Hair strokes are applied in amongst existing brows for realistic results

- Pigment is broken down naturally by the body over time which prevents the traditional problem of stained skin or faded tattoos. This means you can adapt your brow shape as fashions change should you wish or adapt colour pigments as your hair changes colour over the years. This is different to the traditional machine method because you're not stuck with the traditional black turned to faded tinge of green or brown.

For more information on this revolutionary method or to book in your own brow makeover or free consultation please take a look at my website or drop me an email...

Next time...We hear from one of my clients on her experience of this revolutionary procedure... Watch this space!