My Microblading brow journey

In the words of one of my clients....

Microblading Brighton

Bit of background - Out of everything, my eyebrows had been the Bain of my life for years. I had wanted to do something with them for so long. When I was at secondary school in the late 90’s (eek), the fashion which I of course closely followed, was to pluck eyebrows into an extremely thin line. Some of my classmates even opted for the upside down ‘Nike’ tick. That coupled with slick back hair into a high pony tail and two little bits of hair hanging down at the front guaranteed we all look back at our teen photos with despair.

My eyebrows disappeared overnight in the name of fashion, and at no point was I warned I was doing life-long damage to my appearance. My eyebrows no longer started and finished from one side to the other, in some places they never even grew back.

So I was stuck with having to use the dreaded eyebrow pencil daily. Not only did I sometimes leave the house as if a child had scribbled on my face with a sharpie because I was half asleep when applying the makeup, but if I dared to sweat, get rained upon or have an itch in the eyebrow region I ended up smudged for the rest of the day. Not a good look.

My before picture...

Microblading, Brighton & Sussex

Usual brow routine – I didn’t do much, just plucked the odd hair from time to time and got them threaded once every 3 months to add some shape, but this was taking hair and making the brows thinner again.

What I was looking for – I had seen eyebrow tattoos on plenty of women, it has been around for a fair few years. I just didn’t personally like the look – it was too bold for me. Not only that, I had read that regular tattoos go deep into the skin so they last. Having done plenty of research, I came to learn that as the years go by the sharpness and colours bleed out and women are therefore running the risk of looking like they have faded greeny blue or brown blobs on their face. This doesn’t go well when a lady reaches a certain age and ends up with white or grey hair. I just wanted something natural but couldn’t find a solution anywhere.

I was moaning to my hairdresser about it and she told me about Chelle and Microblading, she goes to her regularly for her brow shaping and had been chatting to her about the new treatment. I thought well, what have I got to lose? I arranged to go for a free consultation and essential patch test with Chelle and learn more about this treatment. I will be reviewing my experience here.

The consultation

I immediately felt at ease with Chelle, I visited her studio in a lovely setting overlooking the Downs and Sea just outside Brighton. I filled out the forms in her treatment room which felt really fresh and clean but homely, not too clinical the way some tattoo parlours can feel. I got comfortable on the treatment bed for Chelle to take a look at my brows. She spent time talking through the problems I had with them and what improvements I wanted, then added advice on what her opinion was. She measured my brows and marked out areas which needed filling in and then showed me how the brows could look after the two treatment sessions were complete, I was over the moon.

The first treatment

I returned three weeks later for my first treatment as her diary was quite busy with other brow dilemmas just like mine. I was so excited. We opted for the same colour pigment as my natural eyebrows and the natural hair strokes were added in the places where the hair had never grown back from my teen plucking. I suddenly had ‘nice’ eyebrows. Chelle advised that the colour may be bolder than expected at first (the same way when you dye your hair it fades after a couple of washes). She advised that once healed the pigment lightens and at the second review session a lighter/darker shade can be added to complete if required. The brow shape could also be thickened if I choose I want to go a little bolder.

After having numbing gel applied to my brows, Chelle got started. I was pleasantly surprised that it really didn’t hurt that much, I was nervous but felt at total ease (chilled music was a pleasant option). Chelle spent time showing me my brows in the mirror at different stages to ensure I was still happy with them and I think that it really showed she had listened to me and wanted me to be happy with the final look. Around 90 minutes later it was done.

I left with my aftercare sheet and a big fat smile on my face. All I needed to do was keep my skin dry for 48 hours treat them gently without any harsh facials throughout the healing time. Chelle advised me there is a whole 'Aftercare' section on her website anyway so I could refer to it at my leisure.

The second treatment

I returned 4 weeks on for my review and to check on the finish. I opted for a slightly darker shade to be added into a couple of areas as in that time I had got used to the look and colour. Then that was me, done. I no longer needed the eyebrow pencil or to worry about sweating, being rained on or jumping in the pool on holiday.

Wow is all I can say, it has completely transformed my appearance and for £275 it was worth every penny. I mean I spend more than that on brow treatments every year and this casn last longer than a year so great value for money.

I now absolutely love my brows and am able to get up in the morning without the 15 minute faff of trying to match the height of my eyebrows before I step outside. I am even happy to go out without any other makeup on. My friends have noticed, but would not have known I had the procedure because of the natural finish. They just thought I ‘looked different, in a good way’.

I would highly recommend Chelle to anybody that asks, her skill, professionalism and service is second to none. For somebody that doesn’t do things like this normally, this was a big step for me but I was put at total ease.

My Before and After...

Microblading, Brighton & Sussex

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