'Guybrows' - Why Microblading Is For Men Too......

Microblading Brighton

As most of you know by now, I am brow obsessed.

Being one of the first in Sussex to offer the revolutionary Semi Permanent Brow procedure 'Microblading, I have had women flooding through my door looking for a fix to their brows. Whether it's filling in gaps, restoring sparse brows, or creating a more defined brow shape it has been super popular and this popularity is growing as the word spreads.

It is well known that male brow grooming has also rocketed over the last couple of years (even if guys do create a fuss about the so called 'pain'). From threading to plucking, it is becoming the norm to keep those male brows under control.

Living on the outskirts of Brighton - a place that is super Cosmopolitan and into image and fashion, I have many male friends that have started tending to the strays and of course those monobrows. I mean nobody wants to be subjected to these. Guys - you do not want people 'talking to the brows' instead of you ha ha.

Despite this however, it has come to my attention that Sussex men are completely unaware of the benefits that Microblading can have for them.

Here are some of the problem brows men could be experiencing:-

- Old eyebrow piercing scar? Those can be filled in.

- Fair hair with almost invisible brows? Microblading can define these and provide your face with a more masculine and defined image.

- Large scar or bald patches? Those can also be filled in.

- Thinning and wiry brows? These can be subtly restored to maintain the masculine and youthful look.

I recently had the pleasure of welcoming 'Chris Steed' from Channel 4's Gogglebox in for a Microblading brow makeover. Chris explained to me that he has been paranoid for years that he is 'losing his brows'. Also Chris explained that he tints the brows usually and even adds makeup for appearances on the TV.

Below is Chris's before and after. As you can see the thinning tails or ends of the brow have been completely restored. The overall brow has been thickened and this now removes any need to tint the brow hairs or fill in with makeup for his TV appearances. Fab result!!!!

I am now making it my mission to spread the word for those men who really could benefit from this procedure.

Microblading, Brighton & Sussex

So...... whether you are a guy reading this and wondering if this could be for you, or perhaps you are a frustrated partner that would love your man to have his brows sorted once and for all, please take a look below at some of the before and afters for men. These show exactly the kind of improvements this procedure can make.

For more information on this revolutionary method or to book in your own brow makeover or free consultation please take a look at my website or drop me an email...

Next time... A look at all Semi Permanent Makeup in general....