Microinfusion! Microneedling with a difference!!

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As most of my existing clients know, I have been providing 'Microneedling' skin treatments for a few years now. The benefits of which are proven in the industry, encouraging your skin to repair itself and inducing collagen production.

Chelle is one of the first in the South to offer 'Microinfusion', also known as 'the liquid facial', 'bio-revitalisation' or 'the fine touch filler facial'.

What is Microinfusion?

Chelle's 'Microinfusion' is a procedure which administers cross linked Hyaluronic Acid into the skin via micro channels created with Chelle's signature Microneedling treatment. This product can also be administered via nano injections across multiple entry points in the skin, but Chelle does not use this simplistic injectable method, similar to the well known Profhilo treatment. See why below:

Why choose Microinfusion over the injectable method?

Microneedling is a firm favourite in this industry with long standing proven results. It encourages your skin to induce collagen production and kicks it into the healing phase. Choosing to add the Hyaluronic Acid via the Microneedling treatment rather than simply administering via nano injections, you attack the ageing process from two angles.

You encourage your skin's own repair which have stand alone results in the first instance and replenish lost Hyaluronic Acid levels alongside, giving the best results possible.

What are the benefits of Microinfusion?

  • This procedure is non injectable and is therefore virtually pain free, Microneedling can simply be described as a little scratchy.

  • The product used being 'Hyaluronic Acid', is something which humans produce naturally. So for those who don't wish to go down the Botox route this is a great alternative.

  • With age, the hyaluronic acid we have naturally has trouble binding with water, thus making our skin look less youthful and somewhat dehydrated. The 'Microinfusion' simply works to restore the natural levels to ensure volume is returned without altering the face in a drastic way and in turn changing the natural profile of the client. Subtle enhancements can also be built over time by adding more product in certain areas of the face than others.

For more info and FAQs on this procedure please pop to the Microinfusion section on my website - there you will also be able to enquire regarding a free consultation either by phone or in person.

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