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Lip Blush | Brighton | Sussex


Chelle has been a Semi Permanent Makeup artist for over 5 years now. Chelle was one of the first in the Sussex area to offer 'Microblading' having spent numerous years working as a brow and makeup artist.

Chelle has since qualified at an advanced level in all aspects of Semi Permanent Makeup (brows, lips and eyeliner, specifically her signature styles 'Ombre Brows', Lash Line Enhancement' and 'Lip Blush'). Chelle offers regular mentoring training to newly qualified artists, please enquire for more information on these packages.

Chelle's signature 'Lip Blush' or '3D Lips' style is a wash of colour across the whole lip evening lip colour and tone. It fills all of the lip which then heals to a subtle pink blush, it looks natural and defines the lip line.

This is a great alternative to Lip Fillers for enhancing the lips volume and definition.

The colour lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 years, on average needing 12-18 month colour boosts. 


Chelle's style in all forms of Semi Permanent Makeup is very subtle and natural, it can be viewed as enhancing what you have rather than changing or covering up. Chelle does not offer lip line only treatments as this is often regretted by the client months down the line. This treatment subtly makes the best of the lips you do have.


All forms of Semi Permanent Makeup is at minimum a two step process. The 'Lip Blush' is no different. It requires a touch up appointment around 6-8 weeks later. At this appointment Chelle can add further colour and tweak the tone if required. 










Is 'Lip Blush' For Me?

This treatment is great for those who have patchy purple or pink toned lips and need more definition around the edge of the lip. Chelle will work with your natural undertone to neutralise that first and in turn add a suitable shade to heal in a lovely soft and full blush effect.

It is not designed to replicate lipstick colours or stains. The colour is bolder for the first few days but heals back to a soft pink tone. You can add Makeup over the top for glam events knowing you will wake up in the morning with a natural, full and plump looking lip.

Lip Blush | Brighton | Sussex
Lip Blush | Brighton | Sussex
Lip Blush | Brighton | Sussex
Lip Blush | Brighton | Sussex
Lip Blush | Brighton | Sussex
Lip Blush | Brighton | Sussex

How much is the procedure?

Fresh set of Lips £345 

What it includes:

  • The first step to your new lips - complimentary consultation to discuss your requirements. Prick skin test (at least 48 hours before your first session). Please note, if you are already certain you would like to book in for the treatment and don't wish to have a complimentary consultation I will need you to pop by for the prick test in advance which takes only 2 minutes. I can alternatively post one out to you.


  • Procedure for base colour, usually around 90 minutes


  • Aftercare advice and goodie bag provided


  • Follow up session to perfect and add an extra layer of colour to the lips 6-8 weeks on, once initial healing has completed. Any touch ups or additional pigment applied in this session is included in the overall price. This is at the least, a two stage treatment and you must return in 6-8 weeks for the treatment to work at it's best.

  • Return future visits for colour boosts are heavily discounted as you have already invested in your lips with Chelle. Information on the top up options can be found below.


​*Please note - Semi Permanent Makeup is a journey for both you and your technician. Everybody's skin is different. It is understood in this industry that not every client will retain pigment as well as most, this is not something which your technician has any control over. 

If a third visit is required or you simply decide you would like an even fuller finish, it is not included in the £345. An extra £60 is chargeable for a third sitting in this case and would need to be booked 6-8 weeks after the second top up.

Top Up Options

  • Annual top up - £180.00 must be taken within 18 months of initial procedure. If the procedure is booked after then you will be at a higher rate.

Colour Correction or Correction of other artists work - Chelle does not currently carry out corrections on lips

What can you compare the price to?


  • 1 session of Botox which lasts only 3 months costs £250


  • Comparable to the price of only 13 takeaways over 1 year - the results last up to 2.


  • This treatment can be broken down to only 95p a day for a year, for a chocolate bar or Diet Coke


Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, you can split payment across the two sessions so this would be £180 at your 1st session and then the remaining £165 at the required top up session which must be taken 6-8 weeks later.

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