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Microneedling | Skin Needling | Brighton | Sussex
Microneedling | Skin Needling | Brighton | Sussex


Also known as Skin Needling or collagen induction therapy (CIT), 'Microneedling' is a well established procedure which of late has hit the headlines. Celebrities have been spilling their skincare secrets and Microneedling has been endorsed by names such as Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian. 

The Microneedling procedure is aimed at stimulating the natural processes of production and regeneration of collagen. It is used at a deeper level of skin and therefore more effective than the Derma roller kits you can purchase for use at home. This procedure is considered painless because anaesthetic is used. 


With this method Chelle can use the needling pen on any area whether this be a facial (can include neck) or on stretch marks and scars elsewhere on the body. Think of this treatment as 'skin repair'.


Unlike other brands of Microneedling treatments, during the procedure Chelle will use a specially designed and patented solution which is subsequently absorbed by the open skin. When the procedure is finished if you are having the Needling facial you will also be treated to a 20 minute vitamin face mask to ensure any redness is reduced prior to continuing with your day (no downtime). This is included in pricing.

In addition to this Chelle will provide you with an Aftercare pack containing 5 x ultimate skin cocktails for use for 5 days following on from the treatment. This ensures best results.













This procedure is superb for the below:-

- Skin Tightening

- Helps to reduce need for Botox/Dermal Fillers
- Lifting and Rejuvenation
- Acne scars and other scars healing
- Improves wrinkles and fine lines

- Minimize pore size and reduce pigmentation
- Improves stretch marks
- Skin hydration and increased skin tone



Microneedling | Skin Needling | Brighton | Sussex
Microneedling | Skin Needling | Brighton | Sussex
Microneedling | Skin Needling | Brighton | Sussex
Microneedling | Skin Needling | Brighton | Sussex
Microneedling | Skin Needling | Brighton | Sussex




Microneedling Facial £130 | 1 hour

*Add the neck to this facial for an extra £40

What it includes:

  • Pre-consultation advice, 'Do's and Don't's'

  • Full face cleanse and anaesthetic cream

  • Needling facial 20-30 minutes depending on skin

  • 20 minute soothing mask

  • Soothing cream application if required and Aftercare pack provided containing 5 x ultimate skin cocktails for use at home to ensure best results


​*Please note - it is important to read the contraindications below to rule out anything that may prevent you being able to have this procedure

* If you are new to Needling, then for best results it is recommended to have a course of 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart

Microneedling on the body £130 (3 hand sized areas on the body) | 1 hour

What it includes:

  • Pre-consultation advice, 'Do's and Don't's'


  • Cleanse of the area and anaesthetic

  • Microneedling 20-30 minutes depending on skin and application of soothing cream

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, if opting for a course then you can split payment across the three sessions.

Session 1 £130

Session 2 £130

Session 3 £90




Please take note of a few of the contraindications below that may mean this procedure is not suitable for you. Please note, Chelle will also go through your clinical history but if you have any issues related to any of the below it is best to get your doctors approval before starting the procedure. 

  • Active Acne or breakouts (needling can spread the bacteria and in turn make breakouts worse)


  • Cardiac abnormalities

  • Blood clotting problems

  • Platelet abnormalities

  • Anticoagulation therapy (i.e. warfarin)

  • Chemotherapy

  • Steroid therapy

  • It is not recommended to have Microneedling until at least 2 weeks after Botox and 4 weeks after a filler like Juvaderm

Microneedling price

Derma Roller Vs Microneedling

I get asked alot what the differences are between the Derma Roller and the Microneedling procedure. I have listed some comparisons below for your reference.

Derma Roller

  • Unnecessary risk of skin trauma due to size of needles

  • Cross contamination risk

  • Difficult to use at exact depth required, everybody has different skin thickness

  • Unable to concentrate on and target small areas due to size of device

  • Questions around home cleaning, storage & potential of needle damage

Microneedling with Chelle

  • Precise and adaptable needle depth specific to client's own skin thickness

  • Small diameter to enable the treatment of hard to reach areas

  • Sterile, single use and disposed of safely in clinical environment

  • No cross contanimation risk

  • Verticle stamping compared to rolling reduces skin trauma

  • Use of highly concentrated gels and post treatment products for best results

  • Experienced, qualified, licensed and insured skin expert


Microneedling | Skin Needling | Brighton | Sussex
Microneedling | Skin Needling | Brighton | Sussex

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