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Comparing Non-Surgical Under-Eye Cosmetic Treatments: Lumi Eyes vs Tear Trough Filler!

Do you feel like your eyes make you appear tired, older than your years and are becoming your main 'problem area'? You are not alone.

Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and under eye bags can make us look tired, aged and feel less confident.

This can especially be the case when you have been tending to the rest of the face with treatments such as Botox, Fillers or Injectable Skin Boosters. The eyes often get left behind.

Having been working with skin for quite a few years now, one of the main questions I continuously get asked by my clients is 'how can I improve my under eye area without surgery?'

Fortunately, there are several non-surgical treatments available here in the UK to help rejuvenate the eye area and restore a more youthful appearance.

Two popular treatments that I offer for this area are the Plasma Pen Skin Tightening procedure (you can read more on this here) or, more recently, the very popular 'Lumi Eyes' injectable skin booster.

What is Lumi Eyes?

Lumi Eyes is NOT a filler. It is a high-quality injectable product based on polynucleotides that repair damage to the dermis with tissue regenerating material.

It destroys dark circles under the eyes, moisturises and fights fine wrinkles, as well as smoothing and lifting the skin under the eyes. As a tissue booster, it has a proven rejuvenating effect. Stimulation of the skin cells, collagen and elastin allows to delay the ageing processes and strengthens the skin. It improves the firmness, density, and quality of the skin in an extremely natural way. Lumi Eyes stimulates the skin to regenerate.

Lumi Eyes benefits:

- Minimally invasive, quick and easy

- No downtime and little to no discomfort

- Repairs and brightens the skin around the eyes

- Restoring damaged skin

- Revitalises the tear ducts

- Improvement of skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles

- Regeneration of cells and tissues of the dermis

How does the process work?

In this quick 30 minute appointment, you will be prepped and made comfortable before receiving multiple minute and painless injections into the under eye area.

Lumi Eyes allows you to achieve a much improved effect after just one treatment. For better results, it is recommended a series of 2 treatments with an interval of 4 weeks and repeat treatments twice a year.

What are the advantages of Lumi Eyes over Tear Trough Filler?

Collagen Synthesis: Lumi Eyes helps to boost collagen production in the skin. Collagen is a protein that gives our skin it's strength and ensures that it remains firm and smooth. By boosting collagen production, you can help reverse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Minimal swelling: With Lumi Eyes, there is little risk of oedema (accumulation of lymphatic fluid under the eyes), which can occur with conventional dermal fillers.

Skin brightening and rejuvenation: Unlike dermal filler, which simply fills and acts as a buffer between the skin and the eye socket, Lumi Eyes goes a step further to repair and brighten the skin around the eyes. This skin brightening and rejuvenating feature is a great solution for people with dark pigmentation under the eyes.

How much is Lumi Eyes?

Introductory Price

£115 - 1ml pre filled syringe


£195 for 2 x 1ml treatments, 4 weeks apart, saving £35

CLICK HERE to book online or you can use the booking system to book a free skin consultation.


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