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Profhilo - the 'tweakment' we ALL need...

Keeping skin looking young and fresh can be somewhat of a minefield. Good diet, exercise and SPF can help but once we hit 25, isn't always enough. When it comes to help with rejuvenation without the need of downtime, 'Profhilo' is the answer. Profhilo is also known the 10-point face lift.

Whether you're 25 or 65, you will see the benefits.

What are 'Profhilo' skin boosting Injections?

Profhilo is a non-surgical, anti-ageing treatment that rejuvenates the structure of your skin without the need for painful and expensive surgery.

As the first BDDE-free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid-based product available, Profhilo works by replenishing your skin's collagen and elastin levels through the slow release of hyaluronic acid (HA).

Because Profhilo doesn't contain BDDE there is a lower risk of reactions to the treatment, reassurance that you're not introducing synthetic chemicals into your body.

How does Profhilo help with ageing?

Hyaluronic acid is a really popular ingredient in anti-ageing creams because it's a humectant, which means that it reduces the loss of moisture in the skin. It also firms the skin and works to rebuild new, fresh skin cells.

Profhilo uses one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market so it's one of the most effective products for rejuvenating your ageing skin and sagging tissue.

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that occurs naturally in your body. But just like other skin-nourishing chemicals, the level your body produces decreases with age. That's why treatments that reintroduce these substances have such a transformational effect.

Because Profhilo treatment uses a naturally occurring substance instead of an artificial dermal filler, it's exceptionally safe and provides natural-looking, evenly distributed results.

How does Profhilo work?

Profhilo is injected just under the surface of your skin, using a tiny needle, in two separate treatments over the space of 4 weeks.

The injections instantly plump and hydrate your skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and improving your skin's texture and appearance.

Each session usually takes under 30 minutes and without any required recovery time, you can get back to your day right after the treatment.

Because the Profhilo treatment involves injections into the skin, you may have some localised mild swelling or bruising. This should go down within a few days. The Profhilo treatment itself is usually comfortable.

Your skin produces collagen and elastin as a natural healing response to the injections. Combined with the hydrating and anti-ageing effects of the injected hyaluronic acid, this boost of collagen and elastin will rebuild the structure of your skin and create a robust network of proteins and revitalise your skin.

As your skin heals from the treatment, your face will look fresher and more youthful. Profhilo fillers last for around six months

Five Ways Profhilo Can Make You Look Younger

1 - More Volume and Plumper Skin

The Profhilo treatment plumps your skin and adds volume as the hyaluronic acid (HA) is injected under the skin. The HA hydrates your skin's cells and this fills more space within the skin tissue, creating a plumping effect.

If you can imagine the skin cells as tiny balloons that lose air over time, as they lose more air, the balloons shrivel and decrease size. If you fill the balloons back up with air, they become larger, fuller and firmer.

2 - Firmer, Smoother Appearance

Like with the balloon analogy, the cells become firmer as the HA fills the cells with moisture. This makes the skin firmer to touch and gives it more bounce.

Profhilo also stimulates collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen creates fibroblasts which act like scaffolding to 'hold up' the skin. The HA, collagen and elastin work together to give your skin a firmer and more youthful complexion.

3 - Skin Tightening

Elastin is a naturally occurring protein that gives your skin its stretch and durability. Profhilo increases the levels of elastin in your skin so it's more able to recover and resist the downward pull of gravity.

Think of it like an elastic band that's stretched to its limit but always returns back to its original size and shape. As the elastic ages, the band becomes brittle and no longer 'snaps back' into shape. As your skin ages, it becomes less stretchy and can begin to sag.

Replenishing lost elastin in your skin makes it tighter and able to 'snap back' instead or lose shape and structure.

4 - More Hydrated Skin

Hyaluronic acid used in Profhilo treatment not only hydrates your skin cells immediately to give a younger and fresher look but also continues to hydrate skin for up to 18 months after. Combined with the smoothing, firming and tightening of your skin, Profhilo will give your skin a glowing, revitalised appearance thanks to its constant hydration.

5 - Smooths and Improves Texture

As the collagen and elastin levels in your skin increase from your Profhilo treatment, your skin will become much smoother, and you'll notice an improvement in the overall texture of your skin.

This is because the collagen is firming and supporting your skin's structure from within, and the elastin is restructuring your skin to eliminate sagging and wrinkles.

The HA in Profhilo continuously hydrates the skin so it looks and feels softer, smoother and younger.

You can have the Profhilo treatment anywhere but most commonly, face, neck, décolleté and hands.

How much is Profhilo?

£240 for 2ml pre-filled syringe

£450 for 2 x 2ml treatments, 4 weeks apart, saving £30

CLICK HERE to book online or you can use the booking system to book a free skin consultation.

Chelle offers these free skin consultations to advise on which treatments are most suitable for your problem areas as everybody is different.


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