As most of my existing clients know, I have been providing the 'Microneedling' skin procedure for a few years now. The benefits of which I have seen time and time again and are proven within the industry. This procedure encourages your skin to repair itself and induces collagen production.

Chelle is one of the first in the South to offer 'Microinfusion', also known as the 'fine touch filler facial', 'liquid facial' or 'bio-revitalisation'.

What is Microinfusion?

Chelle's 'Microinfusion' is a procedure which administers cross linked Hyaluronic Acid into the skin via micro channels created with Chelle's signature Microneedling treatment.  

As an alternative this product can also be administered via nano injections across multiple entry points in the skin, but Chelle does not use this simplistic injectable method, similar to the well known Profhilo treatment. See why below:

Why choose Microinfusion over the injections?

Microneedling is a firm favourite in this industry with long standing proven results. It encourages your skin to induce it's own collagen production and kicks it into the healing and rejuvenation phase. Choosing to add the Hyaluronic Acid via the Microneedling treatment rather than simply administering via nano injections, you attack the ageing process from two angles.

You encourage your skin's own repair which have stand alone results in the first instance and replenish lost Hyaluronic Acid levels alongside, giving the best results possible. 

The procedure

During the 'Microinfusion' procedure Chelle will perform the Microneedling treatment to create the micro channels and then via the needling, administer the cross linked Hyaluronic Acid. This will be absorbed by the open skin and begin to replenish and restore your own Hyaluronic Acid levels.









What are the benefits of Microinfusion?


This procedure is superb for the below:-

• Skin Tightening and Skin Hydration

• No downtime, you will leave your session looking somewhat flushed but this will reduce by the end of the day. 
• Lifting and Rejuvenation
• Wrinkles and fine lines reduction

• Minimize pore size and reduce pigmentation
• Skin hydration and increased skin tone



How much is the procedure?

Microinfusion Facial £200 | 30 minutes

What it includes:

  • Pre-consultation advice, 'Do's and Don't's'

  • Full face cleanse and anaesthetic cream

  • Needling facial and administering of Hyaluronic Acid, 20-30 minutes


​*For best results it is recommended to have a course of 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart*

This builds the Hyaluronic Acid levels and increases skin's own rejuvenation abilities.



 For optimum results

Course of 3 Microinfusion facials


Normal Price £600

Course of 3 price £550 saving £50


Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, if opting for a course after the introductory price has expired then you can split payment across the three sessions.

Session 1 £200

Session 2 £200

Session 3 £150

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